Kip Facebook PhotoI grew up in Southern California, the son of an artist, so I was exposed to art an early age.   I painted while at school, taking architectural drafting classes as well as art in school.  I liked painting buildings and structures.  I had pretty much mastered perspective drawing from my father at that point, and enjoyed doing architectural and interior renderings.  Watercolour lends itself well to this.  I have tried most of the mediums, but the challenge and unexpected surprises of watercolour captured my interest.  After school, I put aside my painting for many years, due to my chosen profession, and supporting a family.

I spent the years 2012 – 2016 in Australia, and have recently returned to the U.S., working various jobs as a construction planner.  Presently, I am in the Maryland area, and am enjoying doing Plein Air paintings on the Chesapeake, and surrounding area.

I could give you lots of artistically descriptive reasons, but the simple truth is that I paint what I like, for the personal challenge and humble pleasure of it.  If you find something you like, I will be happy to sell you one.


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