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Kip Facebook PhotoI grew up in Southern California, the son of an artist, so I was exposed to art an early age.   I painted while at school, taking architectural drafting classes as well as art in school.  I liked painting buildings and structures.  I had pretty much mastered perspective drawing from my father at that point, and enjoyed doing architectural and interior renderings.  Watercolour lends itself well to this.  I have tried most of the mediums, but the challenge and unexpected surprises of watercolour captured my interest.  After school, I put aside my painting for many years, due to my chosen profession, and supporting a family.

I accepted a new assignment, and was transferred to Brisbane from New Hampshire in 2012, to work in the Coal Seam Gas Industry.  My wife and I immediately fell in love with the area, and of course, the weather.  My work requires that I spend a great deal of time in the Bush, and I found that I just had to attempt to capture some of the beauty on paper.  Evenings at the camp are spent in my “studio”, either painting or planning the next painting. Days off are spent wandering around Brisbane, stocking up on paint supplies, subjects to paint, and spending time with my Wife and Son.

I could give you lots of artistically descriptive reasons, but the simple truth is that I paint what I like, for the personal challenge and humble pleasure of it.


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